Current Sun Microsystems Inventory
Sun Fire 4800 Server
SF4800 server includes 2 p/s,  2 fan trays,  Server Special of the Month
1 system controllers, (2) CPUBD-4049 Uniboard Sun Fire V880 Server
 (2) X4050A PCI I/O Board,  (1) X1032A PCI Sunswift A30-WSF4-08GRF
SF-CAB Sunfire Cabinet w/ redundant power SFV880 4@900mhz, 8gb 6-73gb 10k FC-AL
(1) SG-XMST1-H2D1T1 D240 media tray DVD, 3 (N+1 redundant) power supplies and
                                  redundant cooling fan trays
Sale price $132,000 Sale Price  $45,000
Enterprise Upgrades
Enterprise E4500 Base System $2,750
Enterprise 3000 Base System $1,100 Storage Systems:
Enterprise 3500 Base System $1,700 StorEdge A5000 127G (14x9.1Gb) $600
Enterprise 5000 Base System $2,200 StorEdge A5100 254G (14x18Gb) $1,200
Enterprise 6000 Base System $2,750 StorEdge A5200 200G (22x18.2Gb 10K) $8,250
Enterprise 6500 Base System $4,500 XT3BES-RR-22-1321  T3 array w/ 2x9x73GB $53,000
X2602A CPU/Memory Board $450 SG-XTAPDLT-021A DLT 7000 Ext. $2,000
X2612A I/O Board $450
CPUBD-4049   4x900mhz/8mb, 4gb ram $27,500
CPUBD-4089  4x900mhz/8mb, 8gb ram $30,250 Graphics and Monitors:
X2580A  400MHz/8Mb Cache $675 X3664A Elite 3D M3 Graphics $60
X7003A 128Mb Memory Kit $55 X3665A Elite 3D M6 Graphics $85
X7004A 256MB Memory Kit $140 X3668A  PGX32 Graphics $200
X7005A 512mb Memory Kit $360 365-1335 20" Color Monitor $110
X7023A 1Gb Memory Kit $300 365-1383  21" color monitor $150
X7026A 2 Gb Memory Kit $1,775
X5229A 9.1Gb 7200 rpm Disk $20
Sun Workstations X5234A 9.1gb 10k rpm disk $30
X5237A 18Gb 10K Disk $150
A23-ULD2-9S-512AQ X5242A  36gb 10k rpm disk $600
Ultra 60 base, 2 x 450mhz X6710A 9.1gb 10K FC-AL Disk $85
512mb ram,18gb drive X6724A 36.4gb 10k rpm FC-AL $620
Type 6 country kit X6742A 73gb 10k rpm FC-AL $1,100
Sale Price $1500
Workgroup Servers and Components:
SunFire 280R server A35-WYF2-2GQB1
(2) 1.05ghz/8mb processors, 2gb memory
CPU's: (2) 36gb 10krpm drive, (2) P/S, DVD
X1191A 300MHz/2Mb Cache $140 $17,500
X1194A 400MHz/2Mb Cache $600
X1195A 450MHz/ 4mb Cache $450 A37-WSPF4-08GQB
X2240A 300MHz/2Mb Cache w DC-DC $225 SFV480 server w/ 4 x 900mhz, 8gb ram
X2244A 400MHz/4Mb Cache $700 (2) 36gb 10k rpm drives, (2) p/s
X2248A 480MHz/8mb Cache $1,350 Sale Price $38,000
CPUBD-4049   4x900mhz/8mb, 4gb ram $28,000
CPUBD-4089  4x900mhz/8mb, 8gb ram $30,500
All Sun hardware sold or rented is eligible for Sun Maintenance and comes w/ a Warranty
pricing and availability subject to change
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