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Why Consider Leasing?   |   Why Lease with Brentwood?

Why Consider Leasing?

  • Conserve Capital

Leasing allows you to pay for your equipment incrementally while you receive revenues for its use.  This allows you to have additional cash which can be re-invested into your company.

  • Off-Balance Sheet

Operating leases allow for payments to be used as an operating expense rather than being put on the balance sheet as a depreciable asset.  This allows you to pay for equipment using pre-tax dollars and keeps balance sheet ratios high.

  • Maximize Cash Flow

Leasing improves cash flow by providing a payment which is lower than other means of financing.  Most leases are structured as less than 100% payouts, which allows your payments to be reduced.

  • Protection from Technical Obsolescence

Leasing prevents you from owning equipment that depreciates rapidly and becomes obsolete.  This also enables you to keep up with technology by replacing equipment that no longer meets your needs.

  • Preserve your existing Credit Lines

By allowing is to provide financing for your equipment, you free-up your additional financing sources. This will ensure that you are using the most competitive resources available.

Why Lease with Brentwood?

  • Experience

We have been in business since 1982 as a general equipment lessor specializing in computer hardware, software and peripherals.  During these thirteen years we have dealt with Fortune 100 and emerging growth companies, structuring transactions between $10,000 and $10,000,000.

  • Reputation

We are a member of both Equipment Lessors Association (ELA) and Computer Dealers and Lessors Association (CDLA) and are recognized as a highly ethical company to both customers and industry peers.

  • Competitive

We have long term relationships with both foreign and domestic funding sources ensuring our customers the most aggressive rates available.  This, coupled with our appetite to increase our portfolio, makes us extremely competitive in today's market.

  • Flexibility

We will work with you to customize a lease for your current needs.  We have arranged everything from a 90 day to 7 year term.  All of our leases provide for the ability to upgrade during the term, enabling you to more efficiently manage your equipment needs..

  • Size

Being a mid-size company allows us to give you the close, personal contact you want from your leasing company, yet we still have the ability to put together aggressive packages for all your financing needs.


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