About Brentwood Credit Corporation...

Brentwood Credit has been in business for over 20 years and was created to fill the void left by large Lessors such as IBM Credit, Bank of America, and G. E. Credit. These large Lessors cannot provide the flexibility needed to lease computers and data processing machines. The technology moves too quickly and the leased equipment needs to be changed out or upgraded within the lease term. Large Lessors are simply banks and cannot do this. Brentwood Credit, because of its unique structure and knowledge of the equipment specializes in early termination and upgrades of equipment within its leases. 

Brentwood Credit leases to leading edge companies such as Sony, Universal City Studios, Amazon. Com, and many other large companies that demand flexibility to accommodate their changing technologies.


Minority-Owned Certification

Brentwood Credit Corporation (BCC) has been certified by the Women Minority Business Enterprise Clearinghouse (WMBEC), Public Utilities Commission. If this certification is important to your business, BCC will work with you to get necessary documentation.

Certification criteria - In order to be considered for women/minority-owned status, a business must more than 50% owned by women/minorities and run by a female/minority on a day-to-day basis.

WMBE Certificate
WMBE Certificate
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